About Me

Let's take it back to the beginning. My parents met in a hospital, a hospital that dealt specifically with mental illness. My father was a loving quiet man who suffered from manic depression, my mother was quite the opposite, an extrovert who was a paranoid schizophrenic among other things.  She left us before I was even a year old, back then it was very rare to see a single father raising a child, especially a girl. I'm going to delve into that experience later in my blog posts. For now let's skip ahead.  Both of my parents killed themselves when I was a child. My father when I was 9, my mother 9 years later just a week before I turned 18.  The day of her funeral I met two men who were roommates at the time, the first was to be my husband and the father of my three children. We raised our family and were together for nearly 20 years, divorcing just before his tragic death. The second was also to become my husband, many years later, and the man that led me to create this website. His narcissistic abuse the catalyst for my present healing journey.  Now here I am, a mother, a grandmother, the Crone of my Clan.  I have found my place and my strength and I want to use my journey to help others. The way I want to help is by letting you know you are not alone. I will share my pain, humiliation and my triumph with you so that you can see it is possible to break away from the abuse. You do not have to give your life to anyone. Claim your joy and live the life you were gifted to its fullest.  One of the ways that has helped me to heal is returning to my pagan practices, creating blends of herbs and words that help to soothe the pain. That bring healing to the broken hearts of myself and of others. This is my calling and I am finally able to answer The Universe and be fully present in my power.  I want the same for each of you.