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Almost Baby

It is not time for you baby. Almost. But not yet. We love you already. Thank you for taking care of your mommy, she needed to see the doctor and she never would have gone if you didn’t make her. When it is your time to join our family, I promise I will love and …

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Not So Nice

I don’t know why I decided to give so much of my energy to Mr. Nice Guy. Because he didn’t seem interested? Because he did, but just enough to pull me in and then leave me there dangling on the hook all alone? I don’t know, I did feel a connection, an ease with him. …

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Not Mine to Miss

I have to give myself a moment to grieve. To grieve the loss of something that was never real. Ironic. Isn’t that how this all started? I thought Robert was someone he wasn’t, I thought our life was something it wasn’t… and now here I am missing Mr. Nice Guy, who honestly just never was …

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Doing Nothing.

I feel calm, still, at peace. I had breathwork today and I think this was a very remarkable turning point. Not that anything extraordinary happened, except that it did.  We were discussing patience. Patience… The art of doing nothing but sitting back and allowing things to just be. In the past, that would cause me …

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One More Time

Here I sit trying to figure out what the Universe wants from me. The scary part is I think I know. It wants me to give the love I’ve always shared with others to myself, it wants me to learn patience and… the art of not doing. After all of these years I still need …

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