angel, fire, church

Beautiful Darkness

You entered from nowhere…. just there one day. Noticeably there.

I would look for you, just to make myself smile.

I never would have allowed myself to be with you, someone so young on the planetary scale. But then I heard your name and a veil fell from my eyes and you became ageless, timeless.

The sound of your voice makes my heart STOP.

Wise and brilliant, beyond even my years. So wanting and willing to learn and take in everything around you, your mind unlike anything I have experienced, yet so familiar. So in sync. You type the words as I’m thinking them, you have the perfect reply for everything I say. You are balance and humility and dear gods, perfection.

It is terrifying. For just an hour we were at odds, both stubborn and needing to prove our side. And it was the loneliest feeling. I don’t want to feel that again. I want it to always be beautiful. And maybe it can be. Maybe if I just believe it and put away fear and stop looking to the past. Maybe then it can truly just be.

It’s the first time I’ve ever just been completely me. Transparent, vulnerable, honest.

I know it is going to be the most wonderful adventure either of us have experienced in any lifetime.