The Story

Lost Innocence

During my cram packed searching and studying to learn all I could about Toxic Relationships, Narcissists and other Cluster-B types… the one thing that really stuck in my heart was what Jackson Mackenzie said about them stealing our “innocence”. Now you may be thinking, well I wasn’t so innocent when I met my partner… for …

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A Slight Cold

It started the week before Thanksgiving, I felt like the flu had hit me like a ton of bricks. I refused to cancel Thanksgiving, I was determined to will myself well. Then Christmas, then New Years, keep going until the end of March. I was so exhausted. I was finally able to get a doctor’s …

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Being Alone

Being Alone

My nest is empty, all but one adult son with Asperger’s who dwells down below (in the basement apartment). So yeah, I’m pretty much alone most of the time. It’s funny, when Rob became a manager last year he was gone 60 hours a week, and I hated it at first. Being alone so often. …

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