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Epstein Barr Virus – Seriously?

So, Covid gave me Mono. Well, sort of. Let me backup a moment. I started seeing an ND (naturopathic physician) a few weeks ago and began weekly IV therapy. I really like this doctor and luckily my new insurance covers her. The reason I decided to go was because I have been feeling defeated. Nothing I do shows any real results, I can pee out 10 lbs of fluid if I stick to Lectin free but the weight loss stops there and it’s so hard to stick to. I need to find out the cause of the problems, not just slap temporary fixes on symptoms. Problem number one, Epstein Barr Virus. Apparently Covid can reactivate this virus, much like chickenpox, cold sores or any other member of the herpes virus family. FML. You can read more about this here. I’ll be starting some sort of antiviral in the next week and will continue on that for two months. I’ll keep you posted.