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Giving My Power Away

After a lifetime of conditioning I still want a romantic partner. When I can’t find one to suite my needs I try to create him. I give credit where it isn’t due, I overlook flaws and make excuses… screw that. I’m tired of feeling like I’m chasing someone. I am worth more, I am actually fucking amazing on damn near every level. I am more than a pretty smile and a pair of tits.

Where is my true partner? The man who can appreciate, challenge and encourage me all at once? The one who will cherish my love and loyalty while giving it back to me? The worst is the one who tried to tear me apart and make me feel worthless, but the one who doesn’t appreciate me doesn’t make me feel much better.

I’m too old, too experienced, too intelligent, to still play this game. I want peace and contentment. If I can’t have that with someone I suppose I’ll learn to have it alone.