He Didn’t Put His Hands on Me

That’s what he says… but that is exactly what he did. He says he was just pushing me away because I came “at him”… I was sobbing and tried to hug him. He pushed me away, from one side of the living room to the other. He pushed me away, I landed on my ass about six inches shy of going through the sliding glass door. He pushed me away, a week later I fell down the stairs because ever since he pushed me away my leg kept giving out. When I went to the hospital I didn’t tell them he pushed me away, I told them I was standing on a tall chair trying to change a light bulb and the chair slipped out from under me, because I had to explain the bruises that were a week old. I wonder why I didn’t just tell them he pushed me away?

When I said to him you never apologized, never said you were sorry – he said, “Sorry? I never put my hands on my you, I never choked you or punched you in the face like those others“. Oh. I guess I should thank him?

It was one week after we got married.