a couple s hands breaking apart

I Forgive You

For the graying clouds of anguish behavior
Not to see the unchanging and bitterness of your
thinking how you see me as a comparison to others,
I forgive you

For the way you put me down in the midst
of being the only companion and support, but never
the reassurance or gratitude of my true heart,
I forgive you

For the license of being dismissive to my grief while
preying on my vulnerability, seeing it as weakness,
Fully being supportive of yours,
I forgive you

For the stories you created,
that tilted heads at my spotlight
at the same time I had praised our togetherness,
I forgive you

For the friendship portrait you painted,
instead of accepting the truth about us,
while we were a half step towards husband-hood,
I forgive you

For always reminding me through the stroke of a pen
I was the winner of your perfect joy,
but the negative to your doubts,
I forgive you

For the blatant cheating and lying that ultimately broke the
fulfilled promised I thought had but cared
to look the other way,
I forgive you

For the false compassion and lust you complained
and never wanted to have with me,
I forgive you

For making me believe we would soon say our “I do’s”
spending the rest of our lives together,
when it was a plot to the reality show,
I forgive you

For making me battle with subtle judgments
from those only saw no more
than the parameters of our relationship,
I forgive you

For always having me as a financial bailout,
wrapped up by your careless investments,
I forgive you

For never reassuring my worth or adoration
for being the love of your life,
other than the bragging rights,
I forgive you

For blaming me for all of your shortcomings,
when you had the better rep with friends and money,
I forgive you

For the lack of understanding or learning about my flaws,
which you stigmatized them as my weaknesses,
I forgive you

For treating this as competition,
the quiet envy you possessed when I was
complimented or appreciated by others,
I forgive you

For the ammunition thrown at me, and constituted it as wasted time,
For your huge, damaging ego when you hurt someone you “love”
and wear it like a badge of honor,

I forgive you

~ Aaron Michael