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My Brother has a Theory

The other day my brother said to me, “He’s just after one thing”… I know what you’re thinking, that’s not it! My brother thinks everyone I date is a serial killer and they want to cut off my head and keep it in a bag. Okay, that may sound extreme however, I don’t know, he might not be far off…

When I was still living on the other side of the country, about six years ago, MB would refer to Robert as “Ted”, Ted Bundy to be exact. He still calls him Ted. I should have listened. I don’t know why I like men who are bad for me, maybe it’s not even that they are bad for me, maybe they are just bad, period. Ted certainly is. 

If it were up to my brother I would stay in the house and never date again, I truly believe this would help him to sleep better. But even he, my appointed protector, wants me to be happy. To find someone who appreciates the person I am. I may never find that person, but I am grateful to have the best brother in the world.