No Respect No Regard

I’m lying here getting ready to go to go sleep, replaying the day in my mind. It clicked, it’s so obvious but it just clicked.

I was replaying a conversation where he told me he would never reside in this house again and I was thinking good, you’ll never be allowed inside of my house again.

And I was thinking of all the things he left destroyed. The hole in the wall as soon as you walk through the front door, the burn on the deck floor, the scratches all along my coffee table I know came from his pocket knife. All of my favorite fairy statues that now have broken wings.

The thought that popped into my mind was, you didn’t respect my home or my things, you had no regard for anything of mine… or me. Bingo. She hit the jackpot, ladies and gentlemen! Get that lady a prize!

I mean logically I knew it, but it wasn’t a tangible thing, until just now. He truly had no regard for me at all. I busted my ass jumping through hoops trying to make him happy, and he actually wanted me to be miserable.