Uninvited Guest

I feel sick. DD2 texted me and told me He just showed up unannounced, our nephew in tow. This man, this person, who cannot allow anyone to cross his boundaries, to inconvenience him, to “force” him to do anything, cannot, will not, has not ever, respected our boundaries.

Who the fuck does he think he is?

I know exactly who he thinks he is, he thinks he’s God. He thought he was my dictator and now he’s pulling this on my daughter. I think I’m partially in shock because I’m nearly speechless, I’m just sitting here trying to make sense of crazy and I know that can’t be done. She is not me. She does not need to accept this behavior, this abuse – because it is, it is abusive to disregard another person’s boundaries, to violate their personal space, to utilize their time as your own.

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