tic tac toe, love, heart

What Game was This?

What exactly was the goal of this game? My side wanted to give and receive love. His side wanted only to receive it.

His side wanted to hurt me, regularly. It’s over now. It’s over and I don’t want to spend anymore time in negativity. I don’t hate him. I loved him very much for a very long time.

I hope he finds help. I hope something in him breaks wide open and that becomes a loving kind human being permanently. I hope he stops having to fake his humanity.

I know every book about narcs says it isn’t possible, but I believe in miracles. Love is my religion, remember? I don’t want him to heal for me. I want him to heal for him, for the sake of everyone he encounters, for the sake of those who love him in the future.

Not for me. I don’t have the energy to love him now. I only have energy for what serves me in this moment. My children, my livelihood and most of all, Myself.