You Should Write a Book

You Should Write a Book

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that. First of all, writing a book is not easy, hell writing a book report isn’t easy. Sure, I’ve had enough drama, death and crazy in my life for a plethora of made for TV movies, but where do you begin?

I guess that’s why I’m here, writing this blog instead. I’ve attempted to put my story down on paper many times, but it seems impossible. This feels right, short bursts of memories and lessons, to be put in order at a later date? Or maybe it just isn’t necessary. Jump around, read what resonates with you and your story.

I’m just here to get it outside of my mind and heart, to heal and to help others heal if I can.

While the focus at this time is on the toxic relationship I just broke free from (physically, my mind is still in the process), eventually there is much more to tell. From being raised by a single father with Manic Depression, to having two parents who killed themselves when I was a child, to sexual abuse, marrying too young, divorce, raising children with special needs, moving across the country and starting over only to find myself in this current situation – there is a lot to tell. Some stories have been bursting to get out of me for a very long time, but I wanted to wait until after my grandmothers had passed, I didn’t want my trauma to cause them anymore pain than they had already experienced. They are both gone now, and it is time I face my demons.

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